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Bermuda's Got Pests. 
We've Got Solutions!

Eco Pest Bermuda is dedicated to using products accurately, taking care not to contaminate your property with a blanket approach that uses too many harmful chemicals.

We don't only treat the symptoms - we get to the source of your pest problem.

general pest control

Eco Pest offers General Pest Control using the industry’s leading products. In fact, we go one step further in that we don’t just use an all-inclusive general pesticide in your home or business.  Our technicians are trained to find out the exact pest causing the infestation and utilize insect-specific products to deal with it.

Our method focuses on using baits that break up the nest or harborage of the pest in question. This solves the source of your pest problem without just treating the symptom. Our baits are placed in quantities that are more than sufficient for insects, but would be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

With baiting techniques and single-insect targeted materials, the Eco Pest team can solve a problem with minimal impact to our environment. This approach is not only the most effective way to manage unwanted pests in your home or business, it is also the least invasive in terms of exposure to chemicals. 

This is Bermuda’s best pest control with peace of mind.

Combine with Green Control

Get the best of both methods.  We use the natural contact-kill products from Green Control with the long-lasting and effective baits from our General Pest Control option.

General Pest Control


For Eco Pest's environmental option, Eco Pest offers Green Control - Bermuda’s first all-natural approach to pest control.  We have worked with the leading US companies to find the most effective of the natural pesticides to bring to Bermuda.


When used appropriately, these products can tackle even the biggest of your pest problems. These products are naturally derived from plants and other organic materials.

Combine with General Pest Control

Get the best of both methods.  We use the natural contact-kill products from Green Control with the long-lasting and effective baits from our General Pest Control option.

Green Control
Cupboard and Design Objects


Eco Pest offers Vault Fumigation - a localized treatment that eliminates termites from furniture, antiques, wood pieces or other infested items.​ Vault fumigation replaces tent fumigation when an entire home or building does not require tenting.  

Simply bring in your item for treatment and we will give you a call once the fumigation process is completed.  We charge $50 per item (surcharge applies for oversized pieces).  Items must fit within the following dimensions - Length 19' 4" x Width 7' 9" x Height 7' 10".

Rodent Control


For fumigation and tenting of termites we use Vikane, the industry-leading solution for termite infestation.  Eco Pest technicians attend overseas courses as well as in-house training provided by industry veterans from USA.


Our staff are well trained to care for indoor and outdoor prep to ensure your property is taken care of.  We work around the clock to make sure we move swiftly, so you can get back to life at home termite free. 


Eco Pest fumigation clients enjoy our corporate rates at Hamilton Princess to help ease the inconvenience of finding a place during the fumigation process.  Ask us about it.

Learn more about Termite Tent Fumigation and why it's the most effective solution for termite infestations. 

Need a piece of furniture fumigated for termites?  Check out our Vault Fumigation service below. 

Termite Fumigation & Prevention

chinch bug
lawn spraying

As a result of their feeding, large irregular patches of lawn begin to turn yellow then brown as they die. These patches often begin on the edges of lawns and will continue to get larger, even when properly watered. Damage occurs most frequently during hot, dry weather from June through September.

Eco Pest can help keep your lawn healthy by eliminating these pests.  Call us today.

Lawn Care


In addition to being tough to control, rodents may carry diseases and taint food with waste, fur, and saliva.


Our strategic approach to rodent control ensures that your rat/mice problem is eliminated at the source.


Contact Eco Pest if you locate a rodent inside your home for identification and removal.  The presence of one rodent within your home could signal an infestation. 

Vault Fumigation

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