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Bermuda's got pests. We've got solutions!

With limited options available to the island, we set out to build a company the island needs.

Eco Pest is Bermuda's one stop pest control shop for all things bugs!


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Eco Pest offers the most effective solutions to tackle Bermuda's pest control needs.

Eco Pest  technicians are trained for Residential and Commercial properties.  We service indoor and outdoor areas and are available weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the state of the problem.

about us

Calling Bermuda home comes with the daily struggle of sharing our spaces with creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes. So, when it comes to pest control, Bermuda’s residents should have the best in the business. This is why we created Eco Pest - to offer Bermuda a trusted pest control service that you can rely on.  


We named ourselves Eco Pest because we believe Bermuda deserves an economical option to an island-wide problem. Our name reflects our commitment to providing competitive and fair pricing - giving you access to industry leading products for general pest control and fumigation.  


Eco Pest technicians have been trained by industry leaders overseas to focus on the source of a pest problem. With baiting techniques and single-insect targeted materials, our teams are trained to solve a problem with minimal impact to the environment. We are also the first pest control company in Bermuda to offer our clients a naturally derived solution to pest control called Green Control.

About Us


Monthly Options

Whether you want monthly general pest control using the industry’s most effective products, or a completely environmentally friendly pest control

alternative, we have you covered.

Trained Technicians

Our Team consists of Highly Trained Pest Control Professionals. We service indoor and outdoor areas and are available weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the state of the problem.

Competitive Pricing

All while offering free estimates, our transparent quoting system lets you know exactly what you’ll pay, and our flexible tailored solutions will solve your specific problem.

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