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How Eco Pest is revolutionizing the pest control industry in Bermuda.

Our objective is to change the pest control industry in Bermuda through our use of the most current and effective approach to pest control. 

For years, the industry has been plagued with 'spray jockeys' who pump chemicals all over the place and only treat the symptom of an infestation. This works, but only for a limited period. Eco Pest aims to remove the current symptoms of a pest problem AND also destroy the cause of it.

This is where advances in baiting come into play. Eco Pest has the industry-leading baits that get into the nests of cockroaches, ants, and other pests. We believe that when you get to the source of the problem, you significantly improve the effectiveness of the pest control treatment.

Eliminate an infestation without contaminating your home.

At Eco Pest, our goal is to tackle the pest problem outside your home to prevent issues inside. With this approach we are able to minimize the use of chemicals in your home as the problem has been resolved externally at the source.

What's more, the insect baits we provide for maintenance inside your home are both effective and safe. With each bait targeting one specific insect we are able to use minimal amounts of the product all while being effective. This means we don’t contaminate your home or business with unnecessary chemicals.

Our philosophy is to treat a pest problem with as little impact to the environment as possible.  That’s why we also offer Green Control, Bermuda’s first all-natural approach to pest control, as an alternative option for all our clients.

ready to have a pest-free home?

Don't hesitate to contact us!  We're happy to hear from you! 

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