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German Cockroaches vs. American Cockroaches - How To Spot The Differences

Cockroaches. Unfortunately, many of us have had these unwelcome guests in our homes. Can you distinguish between a German and American cockroach?

German cockroaches vs American cockroaches

To get rid of a cockroach infestation, it's important to identify which cockroach has moved into your home or property. Here are some useful tips to help you correctly identify these common pests.

German Cockroaches

German cockroach

These are the little guys (about a half inch long) and are typically seen in groups. These are much more difficult to get rid of than their larger, American counterparts.

They like to nest where all roaches do, in dark, hidden places with food and water sources.

They tend to be found in bathrooms and kitchens, but if they’re being seen outside of these areas then there may be a larger infestation.

How we treat for German roaches

Because of how quickly they multiply, we usually recommend a full roach clear-out of the infested area. We treat the area with an industrial fogging machine equipped with our residual insecticide. The fogger is used as it penetrates cracks and crevices and settles within their harbourages. We will then bait all the affected areas to ensure any returning unwelcome guests get dealt with.

Our roach clear-outs usually start with the initial fogging treatment and then a secondary follow-up to flush out those affected areas and re-bait, as needed. Once we see that none of these little critters are coming out during our flushing process, we are confident the bulk of the problem is solved. To help prevent these guys from coming back, we suggest periodic external treatments throughout the year and internal and external treatments for the summer months.

American Cockroaches

American Cockroach

These are the big ones, and are most people’s nightmares. They are reddish-brown in colour and are about 3 times larger than German roaches. They fly, they’re ‘gurt’, and nasty looking. It’s not all bad with the American roaches, though, as the treatments are less intense.

How we treat for American roaches

One of our technicians will use a flushing agent to take potential harbourage areas, such as cupboards, AC units, pantries, etc. If any of these guys pop out, then our residual flushing agent should keep them from coming back. If there are a few of them, then we will bait the area.

It is also recommended to couple the interior treatment up with our external one. This is to help create an external barrier around the house using our residual contact insecticides and granules.

Issues caused by cockroach infestations

Although German and American cockroaches look different, they can both create the same problems. Cockroaches usually spend time in unclean areas such as sewers and drains, which can cause them to collect bacteria on their bodies. Even a simple action such as walking on a surface can transfer germs from a cockroach to another surface.

Cockroaches also produce a faint odour from their body fluids which can become overpowering if there are many of them. They can contaminate the food in your pantry while feeding and even transmit diseases to humans.

How to prevent re-infestation

Pest free home

The key to preventing re-infestation goes back to all the basics of pest control. Keeping things tidy, sealing foods, and making sure all your appliances are clean. You can take a look at our blog for more tips on how to pest-proof your home.

Call a pest control professional

If you suspect you've got a cockroach infestation in and around your home, call Eco Pest. Our technicians are trained to correctly identify the critter and properly treat the source of the infestation using the most effective methods and treatments.


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