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Top 10 Tent Fumigation FAQs: Your Questions Answered for a Stress-Free Fumigation Experience

You've got questions, we've got answers! We've put together a list of the most common questions we get from our fumigation clients to help you prepare for yours.

Top 10 Tent Fumigation Questions Answered

Do I need to wash my clothes after fumigation

1. Do I need to wash my dishes, clothing, drapes, and linens after fumigation?

Nope! The fumigant used is a non-soluble gas that does not leave a residue behind. It is also odourless and colourless, so once the house is cleared there is no sign that it was ever in your home.

Will fumigation gas affect my electronics

2. Will the fumigation gas affect my electronics? How about my water tank?

Nope – the properties of the gas are such that it will not interfere with electronics. It is also non-soluble, so you do not have to worry about it messing with your water.

Do I need to bag my cosmetics to prepare for fumigation

3. Do I need to bag my eggs? Cosmetics? Medications? Wine?

Yes to eggs, no to cosmetics (unless you’re ingesting them). Yes to medications, especially if they’ve been opened from their factory seal and they will be ingested. Yes to wine, but only if it has been opened.

4. If my apartment is detached from the main house, can I stay there during the fumigation?

Absolute no. Our priority is safety; therefore, any linked structures must be vacated for the duration of the fumigation.

How safe is my fish tank during tent fumigation

5. I have a safe, how is this handled? I have a fish tank, how is this handled?

The safe is fine unless it is large enough to fit a cat, dog, or person in. We have to make sure that all pets and people are out of the building, so if that safe can house any of those, then we will need access to the safe.

For fish tanks, we always advise clients to remove their fish from their tanks, if possible. However, if you can’t and there is an aeration system on the tank, we ask that you ensure that the aeration filter is pulling air from outside of the fumigated structure (i.e. hose leading outside of the tarp).

6. Why are there so many ants after fumigation?

The ants are always foraging. After a fumigation there is a new easy feast for them to go after…. dead termites! This is completely normal. But if you really don’t like ants, then we suggest getting an interior and exterior treatment after the fumigation.

You can book with us within 5 days of the fumigation and save 20% off your next General Pest Control appointment.

Eco Pest professional preparing for tent fumigation

7. How much clean up is required after the fumigation? Do I need a professional cleaner?

We try and leave homes and buildings exactly as we found them. Our team of professionals are super respectful and know how much your home means to you, so they do their best to keep the inside in the same condition.

8. Will tent fumigation kill other insects inside my home?

The amount of the fumigant we introduce is calculated for a specific insect, i.e. termites or powder post beetles. It is effective for that species and therefore may not kill other insects. However, we often find that most household pests are treated during fumigation. The effectiveness on these other species depends on their life stage and individual insect type.

Eco Pest professionals tenting around landscaping

9. How will tent fumigation affect the landscaping around my home?

We know you’ve worked hard for years to keep your gardens looking in tip top shape! We try our very best to keep these in the same condition. However, when we tent a structure the tarps and anchoring sandbags will be lying about 2 feet out from the building. If there are garden beds located against the sides of a building, we recommend that you have them moved for the fumigation (if possible) to be certain they survive.

10. Can you tent in inclement weather?

We cannot. The health and safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. If winds are showing to be blowing in excess, then we will have to reschedule. We always try our hardest not to delay and disrupt peoples’ schedules, but mother nature sometimes has other plans. Rain can also be a factor if it is pouring to the point where it is unsafe for our crew to be climbing ladders and moving around on the roof.

We hope you've found the answers to your most pressing tent fumigation questions! Check out our blog on Everything You Need to Know About Termite Fumigation to learn more, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions!

Book your tent fumigation with Eco Pest today and regain your peace of mind! Visit our website or call us at 296-7378 (PEST) to schedule your appointment – let's work together to create a pest-free environment!



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